My 10 Year Challenge

I’m not normally one for doing things like the current 10 Year Challenge, not for any other reason than I don’t usually get around to it, so I find it a little odd that I have this time. I am glad that I have though. I guess it is the benefit of sharing so many… Continue reading My 10 Year Challenge


Fighting Fires with our Books

One of my favoured ways to start a Sunday morning is to shout at the politics shows that fill the TV schedule. With recent events in mind, I assumed this morning my frustration would be focused entirely on the B word, but perhaps even I have become bored of that subject because what actually got me fired-up was a story at the end of BBC Breakfast News. The slot normally saved for light-hearted, feel good features.  

Ordinary Wonders, Parenting

Ordinary Wonders: week two – selfless love

This week's attempts to find the wonder in the ordinary were hampered by a snotty, teething one year old. Having another living, breathing human want to be in physical contact with you at all times and at all costs can make it hard to see the joy in the small things. Don't get me wrong,… Continue reading Ordinary Wonders: week two – selfless love

Days Out

A River Runs Through It. Bolton Abbey: our go-to family day out

North Yorkshire has been home to us for a little under a year and one of the first places we visited was Bolton Abbey. The first time we stepped through the gate, a spell was cast and now we can never go more than a month or so before being drawn back – I am assuming this is because the place is amazing rather than us being unimaginative in our days out!